14. Mister Asylum - Highly Suspect

Courtesy of 300 Entertainment Records.

14. Mister Asylum – Highly Suspect

Explosive and sinister, the gritty guitar riffs of title track “Mister Asylum” set the brash, blood-pumping tone to launch this hotheaded record, one of thundering beats and rough edges. Highly Suspect, a trio hailing from Brooklyn, brings along aggressive blues rock that plays like a corrupt reincarnation of rock music as it once was, with just as much attitude. As new kids on the block of the music industry, the band experiments with muscular guitar solos and quick tempos in hopes of earning their leather-clad stripes. “Bloodfeather” shows off the intense vocals of frontman Johnny Stevens while the heavy headbanger “Claudeland” proves instrumentalists and twins Ryan and Rich Meyer don’t mess around. Though some of the more haunting content like that of the troubled track “Mom” may come off harsh at first, there is a passion in the lyrics that is intriguing, addictive, and would make for great tattoos. Mister Asylum is a restless, wicked man that shoots from the hip and isn’t afraid of the dark.

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