9. Currents - Tame Impala

Courtesy of Interscope Records.

9. Currents – Tame Impala

In their third album, Tame Impala channels a mind-bending groove of soul-searching heartbreak that flows through a celestial blend of disco, pop, and alternative rock. Primarily written, recorded, and produced by frontman Kevin Parker, Currents vocalizes the uncovered feelings of an urban introvert and does so with a brooding spirit that is more reflective than regretful.  Psychedelic keyboards bring a moody energy to the laid-back lead track “Let It Happen” that advises yielding to the uncontrollable currents of the world. Accompanying tracks “Eventually” and “Past Life” carry the breezy, supernatural feel of an empty nightclub and Parker’s place in it, alone but content. Currents is an album about isolation but it does not dwell on despair. Rather, Tame Impala presents an album that is refreshingly blissful, a mending heart in a whirlpool broken relationships. “Cause I know that I’ll be happier/And I know you will too/Eventually.”

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