Eliminate the distractions behind the wheel


Photo Credit: photo via flickr under creative commons license

By Kahlia Carmichael

The first thing most people do when they get their license is drive around almost anywhere. It’s an exciting thing when you’re able to go wherever you want, and most of the time people want company in the car with them while they’re driving. Having other passengers in the vehicle isn’t a bad thing until music becomes a topic, which means the person driving– as well as the person in the second seat– begin to mess with the radio.

Distracted driving is more of an issue for teen drivers because they’re inexperienced. They aren’t likely to be as responsible as they should be. It’s a fact that teen drivers with other passengers are more likely to be distracted by what’s going on inside the car before an actual car crash. Males that drive with their friends are approximately six times more likely to demonstrate illegal activity, and also tend to drive with more aggression before getting into an accident, as opposed to when they’re driving alone. Females are less likely to drive aggressively, whether or not they have other people in the car.

90 percent of teens don’t realize that the behavior of passengers distracts the driver from focusing on the road. With such a high percentage, there should be rules and guidelines that are strongly forced upon new drivers to ensure that everyone on the road will be safe.

There shouldn’t be any other passengers for the first six months after receiving your driver’s license, and no more than 1 other passenger for the second six months of driving. This rule should be enforced among all teen drivers. It’s been proven that teens that follow guidelines such as this one are less likely to get into accidents and are generally more well behaved behind the wheel. Aside from music, there are many other distractions to face while driving, such as:




Setting up your GPS

It’s important to do all of these things before getting behind the wheel to ensure that everyone inside the vehicle, including yourself, reaches the destination safely. Nothing is more valuable than a life, which can be taken very easily over something as small as looking in the other direction for a second, or eating a quick snack, so remember to always be focused on the road and avoid distractions.