Six seconds of fame

Soccer player’s flip throw-in goal becomes viral

Six seconds of fame

Junior Michael Lewis does his flip throw-in goal.

By Izzie Ramirez, McKinney Boyd High School

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Six seconds. That’s the length of the Vine video, which sparked worldwide recognition for junior and varsity soccer player Michael Lewis.
Last Tuesday, the Broncos played against the Frisco Wakeland Warriors. They were tied 1-1, thanks to Lewis’ flip throw-in goal.

“I mean, we’re basically nationally known now,” Lewis said. “We’re being seen all around the world for it. I’m in the UK, Switzerland, Germany. I just got a bunch of people from Argentina messaging me, it’s crazy. It’s pretty awesome.”

The flip throw-ins aren’t anything new for him and his teammates. They’re his signature, but this one wasn’t intended as a goal. He actually aimed for a teammate.

“I’ve done the flip a few times, but nobody ever really recorded them,” Lewis said. “We all just saw it as a normal goal, and then we watched it on film and it looked way different, way cooler.”

All over the internet, people are amazed at Lewis’ agility and skill, which he accredits to his gymnastics training.

“I was in gymnastics from 3 to 15,” Lewis said. “I played soccer until I was 11 and then I quit to focus more on gymnastics, until right before freshman year so basically that’s when I really started playing soccer. I enjoyed soccer more. I was a national champion in gymnastics and then it got really boring. Soccer was more entertaining. I mean, you get to hit people, so why not?”

Sure, Lewis is enjoying the recognition, but he hasn’t let it get to his head. When people confront him about the goal in the hallway, he doesn’t take it too seriously.

“I laugh,” Lewis said. “All my friends make jokes about it. One of my friend’s Twitter bio says ‘I sat next to Michael Lewis on a bus once.’”
For Lewis’ girlfriend, junior Rivkah Cooper, the attention has its positives and negatives.

“I’m really proud of him,” Cooper said. “I think it’s great that he’s getting all this attention, so colleges will look at him more seriously. But the attention is a little crazy. There’s all these people trying to talk to him. I don’t really mind it, but when people are all over him, I don’t like it.”

Even though the video was recorded out of good intentions, people have backlashed against sophomore Delaney Jennings for posting the Vine. It now has over nine million loops.

“He had done a flip throw-in before that one,” Jennings said. “So, I decided I would record the next one he did and the one I was recording he happened to score. Too many people say I posted the Vine for ‘attention’ or because I thought it would make me famous, I guess, but honestly I just thought it was really cool. I never thought it would become such a big thing.”

Lewis also said he felt bad for the Wakeland keeper who touched the ball, which had made the goal legal.

“Everyone’s hating on him and saying that the goalie is an idiot,” Lewis said. “He’s not the first one to have done it. I’ve done it to plenty of good keepers. It’s just a mistake.”

Junior and JV soccer player Isaac Turner said the viral video will motivate people to come to more soccer games.

“It’s good exposure,” Turner said.

The next game is tomorrow against the Allen Eagles at 7:30 p.m. It will be a home game and it is also Fan Appreciation Night.
“We don’t have that many people come,” Lewis said. “It’s mainly just parents. It’d be pretty cool if we had more people in the stands.”