Sophomore develops school app

Sophomore develops school app

Shankar poses with his app.

By Shajid Hasan, Cypress Ranch High School

With the hordes of techies here at Cy Ranch, it is about time that somebody made an app for the school. Not only was this techie able to create this app, but he managed to do this all while juggling schoolwork, band, and other clubs. This student was no other than sophomore Shrivu Shankar, the boy wonder.

Besides programming for fun, Shrivu also enjoys playing his clarinet and debating, all while wrecking the chances of getting a curve on the next WHAP test.

“It was hard to balance band, which was going on at the time, and app development,” Shankar said. “It was really time-consuming, but I’m proud of the work that I’ve done.”

The app was the brainchild of Shankar after he saw the professionally made Cy Woods app, and wondered why Cy Ranch didn’t have one. Over the summer, he began spending six hours a day for three weeks programming code for just the app. With his natural programming prowess, the app was done just as soon as it started.

“For my first app, I wanted to have a reputable user base, and this was the perfect way to an established user, because all the people in Cy Ranch would download it,” Shankar said.

The features in the app include the ability to check your grades through Home Access Center and to view the faculty pages, bell schedules, and news updates.

“The foundation is completely fixed, it is completely usable,” Shankar said. “There a just a few bugs, but they won’t affect the main purpose of the app, and it’ll be fixed in the next update.”

Shankar isn’t done working on the app, and plans to add many more features. He wants the app to become more than just a carbon copy of the Cy Woods app on iPhone.

“I’m planning to add in a Remind 101 feature next,” Shankar said. “I’ll also keep updating the app with new features and bug fixes every now and then.”

The app is available at Google Play for Android and an app for iPhones is on the way.