‘Tis the season for Promposals

'Tis the season for Promposals

Jessica Lowrie

Promposals at Colonia High show creativity and emotion rather than how much money you have.

By Jessica Lowrie, Colonia HS, Colonia, N.J.

It’s that time of year again when people are getting asked to prom in both extravagant and simple ways. The seniors try to top others and make their “promposal” the best anyone has ever seen.

What is a “promposal” exactly? How does it happen? What is the planning behind all of it? The term promposal simply means a proposal to go to prom. Some people go above and beyond to make theirs mesmerizing and then others go the easy route. Some simply say “prom?” and then others go to the extreme and take the potential date on a helicopter ride.

What are some views on promposals? Colonia High School’s English Department Head, Mrs. Cynthia DiChiara, said “they are difficult! If not everyone is aware of what is going on, the promposal can be intercepted and there goes the effect of the surprise.” As the years go on, however, the senior class gets bigger and better ideas. DiChiara described that “For prom in 1997, you just asked someone; there was no elaborate way to ask.”

This year, the Class of 2014, came up with some pretty clever ideas…

Senior, Christian Marshello, asked his girlfriend Marissa Tennaro, also a senior, through a deck of cards. As a Christmas gift, Marshello wrote things he liked about Tennaro throughout the cards and then put “Prom?” in the middle of the deck. Tennaro explains, “I wasn’t expecting it at all. All of my friends said that he was going to do a different idea so I had my mind set on that and when he dropped this off at my house; I was so thrilled that he asked me. It really was the best Christmas present ever.”

Lauren Seaman, a senior at Colonia High, asked her co-worker, Brandon Kelley, through a scratch off. She claims she “found the idea off of social networking site Pinterest and fell in love with it.” Seaman mentioned, “I took him out to dinner on Valentine’s Day and at the end, handed him the card. He thought he was actually going to win something because he went through it so fast. He was so excited to get asked but also fascinated with how I made the scratch off.”

Senior Matt DePola asked his girlfriend Monica Dominguez, a sophomore, with the help of a special someone. DePola brought Dominguez to the mall to take a picture with Santa. Santa asked Dominguez the cliché question of “What do you want for Christmas?” and handed her a note saying “prom?” “I flipped out and said yes. I was really happy” Dominguez explained.

Hina Gupta, a senior, was asked by Randy Acosta through a décor of balloons. Acosta decorated the section of lockers where Gupta’s is located with balloons spelling out “prom?” and when she came closer, he walked out of a near classroom with flowers. Gupta explicates that, “I was really surprised and excited because now I have a poppin’ prom date.”

Can the upcoming seniors top this year’s senior? Will the idea of promposals become even more elaborate? DiChiara concludes that “I don’t think we have that kind of population. Colonia’s ways are more cutesy and romantic and I think that’s how it’s going to stay.” So it looks like no helicopters will be coming to Colonia High School anytime soon to ask someone to prom.

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