Your phone can increase your productivity

Bridgit Loeffelholz

Apps like 30/30 can help you manage your time.

By Hannah Kloos, Edina HS, Edina, Minn.

Phones are often a source of distraction and can hinder productivity, but a number of apps have been created recently to do just the opposite. These apps are powerful tools to help you get stuff done and stop the dreaded cycle of procrastination.

Busy schedules can make people feel overwhelmed, but many people waste time without even realizing it. The app “30/30” makes you accountable for your time by allocating blocks of time for individual tasks and providing short breaks to keep you motivated. Its flexible structure lets you customize the app to your individual preferences and make it work for your needs.

Similarly, “Procraster” helps you tackle big projects by breaking them up into manageable chunks of time and categorizing them by the reason you’re putting them off, including “I don’t know where to start” and “My task is too big.” It also collects statistics on your progress and keeps a record of tasks you’ve finished, giving you the big picture on your productivity.

To-do lists have been a staple of organizational tools for a while now. However, today’s electronic versions allow for a greater range of options with the same gratification that comes from checking an item off your list. The app “Todoist” organizes your assignments by date and plans for upcoming tests and projects seamlessly and beautifully. The app “Finish” divides tasks into short-term, mid-term, and long-term time frames, thereby making potentially stressful tasks doable and uncomplicated.