Common Threads helping the common man

My experience volunteering at LCISD Common Threads


By Reid Pitts, George Ranch High School

Common Threads LCISD is a donation center that provide supplies for families that live within the LCISD school district. Families in need of anything, from cleaning supplies to backpacks, come to Common Threads and are given what they need.

A huge supplier of much-needed supplies following Hurricane Harvey, Common Threads helped families whose houses flooded or lacked power to cook food and were now able to come and pick up essentials. From Sept. 3 to Sept. 9, I volunteered at Common Threads, where I saw many families in need come and go.

My job at common threads was a “runner.” I would carry the supplies these people requested to their cars and make sure they had everything they needed. A large majority of the families I assisted spoke only Spanish, so I was finally able to put my three years in school to use.

Several George Ranch High School faculty members and many student clubs volunteered at various points over the week I was there. Mr. L Jay Edenmeyer took on a head role, often making announcements over the megaphone.

“When I came to the George Ranch shelter, I came from Terry, and it was very disorganized. It was very hard to be there [Terry] and to witness people who were having a hard time anyway coming into an environment that was already chaotic. I couldn’t let this [George Ranch] become Terry again.”

After the closure of the George Ranch shelter, Mr. Edenmeyer moved onto Common Threads.

“…We took a lot of stuff to Common Threads … and so it was just one of those things like ‘ I was there,’ and I just couldn’t stop going back … everyday you went you just saw the need and you were like ‘I gotta be here, somebody’s gotta help.’ ”

Mr. Edenmeyer volunteered at Common Threads for over a week and was a major benefactor to their relief effort.

“I didn’t want people to feel like they’re leaving chaos and going into chaos”

“I would say that I was surprised the most by the generosity of people. You kept seeing people showing up that you had seen before and they kept getting more supplies and kept bringing them.”

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