Block scheduling fosters in-depth learning

Melissa Schill

By Melissa Schill, Normal Community High School

49 minutes. 49 minutes to take attendance. Settle the class down. Collect homework. Pass out worksheets. Begin a group discussion. Separate the students into groups. Shuffle the desks around. Log in to the computers. Pack everything back up. All this in 49 minutes.

Cramming all of this — not to mention the teaching itself — into a 49-minute class period requires an unfeasible amount of agility from both the teacher and the students. It is time for NCHS to consider the option of block scheduling. Students could benefit from more spending more time in classes. Core classes specifically, namely those in the science, social studies and English departments, need the extra time: more time for labs, more time for discussions, more time for in class projects. More time to truly delve into the material.

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