Bandito’s will make you return for more than food


By Graham DePriest and Chase Dudley

The aroma of the freshly cooked food being prepared in the back will have your mouth watering in seconds, and the bright warm colors will make you forget all about the negative degree weather just outside the door. The moment you walk into Banditos, located on the corner of 4th and Liberty, you will be overwhelmed with the sight, sound, and taste of Mexico.

Banditos has been serving up classic Mexican food with an American twist since 1991, according to owner KP Sandhanwalia, but this is not their first run in the food business. The Sandhanwalias have been in the food business ever since the first generation moved here from India in the ’60s.

“We had the first Indian restaurant in the state of Michigan in 1969,” said Sandhanwalia.

The new flavors captured the taste buds of Michiganders and soon, Indian restaurants started popping up everywhere.

“At that time we opened there were only two Indian restaurants in this town, and now there’s over 13, too much curry going around.”

The family was soon forced into a market with too much competition, and then saw an opportunity in the lack of Mexican cuisine in Ann Arbor.

“If you can cook Indian then you can cook Mexican.” said Sandhanwalia. The family knew that they had the talent and skills necessary to tackle a new cuisine, and so they did, creating a delicious menu.

If you are looking to experience real Mexican cuisine at a inexpensive price, Bandito’s has just what you need to please yourself. Bandito’s offers healthy, authentic Mexican food with a twist of modern American style to appeal to everyone. They have an online website for orders making it easy and fast for customers. Bandito’s has a wide variety of Mexican dishes.

The Bandito’s Restaurant also offers a variety of other authentic Mexican dishes that are all made by the family-owned business fresh every morning. Bandito’s gives other local burrito joints a run for their money with their fresh ingredients and their unique modern taste.

Bandito’s Restaurant’s online menu for delivery offers appetizers: Taco Salads, Burritos, Chimichangas, Enchiladas, Fajitas, Fiesta Combo Plates, Quesadilla, Tacos, Taquito, Tostada, A La Carte Items, Side Orders, Desserts and Beverages. With the great selection of Mexican cuisine offered from Bandito’s offers delivery and will gladly deliver to wherever you may be with ease.

I get regular customers who love to come and hear my jokes. I get regulars who want to come and see me.”

— KP Sandhanwalia, Bandito's owner

Although the food is great, it’s not the only thing that will make you want to come back. When you eat at Bandito’s you will be greeted and served with a smile.

“I get regular customers who love to come and hear my jokes. I get regulars who want to come and see me. I’m their bartender, you have a problem you come and tell me, I know a lot of people’s problems,” said Sandhanwalia, who can be seen walking around and engaging with customers.

Bandito’s has been lost in the eyes of CHS students and Sandhanwalia has noticed.

“We used to have students come in, like eight years ago when I had a whole bunch of followers, about fifty. We would have at least four or five tables at lunch, It was enough for me to offer them like a 15 percent discount.”

Sandhanwalia is willing to bring this discount back if enough kids start coming again.

“I would set up a set price, you get a drink, and you get a lunch all very fast like students want,” he said.

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