Tips to Appreciate the Earth This Summer, Not Your Phone

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Tips to Appreciate the Earth This Summer, Not Your Phone

Katie thor Straten

Katie thor Straten

Katie thor Straten

By Katie thor Straten, Catonsville High School

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Summer is coming fast. Late nights, vacations, and times with your friends are just around the corner but how will you spend it? Will you go on adventures or look at your 3×6 LED screens?

This break is time to reset and destress after the many months of school work, you shouldn’t waste it online. Here are some ways to make the most out of the summer, without technology:

1. Hiking and camping: Become one with nature

If adventure is something that you’re up for, hiking and camping may be the way to go this summer. But it doesn’t always have to be nearby.

“I’m going to Peru this summer to get some work experience, but I’m also super hyped to hike the mountains and really see the sites Peru has to offer,” senior Owen McCarter said.

The lack of cell service and close proximity gives a chance for real bonding between you and your friends or family. Your group can sing campfire songs, go swimming in a nearby lake, or just chill and in the woods is the perfect place to do it.

2. Road tripping: See parts of the world that you’ve never seen before

Going to the same places every day can get monotonous but traveling somewhere different could bring excitement and adventure. Find a place that you really want to travel to, but if you can’t decide, close your eyes, and put your finger to a random place and see what fun stops you can make on your way. This idea may not be the cheapest, but the memories will be worth it.

“Road trips are honestly one of my favorite things to do during the summer. I love relaxing and listening to music while looking outside my window,” junior Kayla Sloan explained.

So, grab your best friends, a car, and some snacks and make your way around America.

3. Swimming: Get refreshed and exercise

Maryland during the summer is HOT. If you don’t want to rack up a bill by blasting the AC, slipping into cool water will get the job of cooling you down done.

“I have a pool at my dad’s house, and basically every night I go in. The water is super cool, and it’s my favorite way to relax before I go to inside,” junior Sadie Marks said.

There are some pools online for under $100 which will guarantee hours of fun and exercise. But another option, that is a little more expensive, is to make your way to the beach.

“This year has been so crazy with having my baby, jumping back into school, and moving houses, and I just want to relax with my family somewhere like ocean city” art teacher Julie Stiltz said.

There are so many options in reasonable driving distance or your budget, to cool down in the sun.

4. Painting: Landscapes are beautiful in real life

Aren’t landscapes and sunsets eye-catchingly beautiful? They are even more beautiful in real life. The best way to capture this beauty is not just taking pictures but painting and capturing them yourself. Not only will you reach a state of calm and concentration, but you will advance on your art skills, too.

“This school year was super stressful at school and at home. I’m looking forward to taking time for myself and going somewhere alone or with my friends to make art,” junior Meghan Mosher explained.

Go out into the sun and become one with artists like Vincent van Gough and Claude Monet.

No matter if you go on some grand adventure on these summer nights or just hang out with your friends, you should get the most out of the summer. Years in the future, you will smile at the memories that you made this summer.

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