It’s all about family at Aspen’s newest, community-inspired coffee shop

Local Coffee House, located right next to Mezzaluna in downtown Aspen

Photo by Taylor Patillo

Local Coffee House, located right next to Mezzaluna in downtown Aspen

By Taylor Pattillo, Aspen High School

Local Coffee, located next to Mezzaluna, has been open for only 8 months but has already made its mark on the local breakfast scene. With a locally inspired menu, and constant changes to bring in new customers, the coffee shop is a new staple in town.

Candice Olsen, founder, and owner of Local is all about Aspen and its people.

“We always innovate and change our menu to make our customers happy and keep it exciting,” she said when asked about the ever-changing menu. “Every six months we are going to take two items off our menu and add two new ones.”

Olsen, who is also very environmentally conscious, prides the business in the fact that the kitchen produces no waste aside from a couple tablespoons of coffee grounds that they compost on a daily basis.

The business, who has yet to see the winter holiday crowds, is prepping to add new items for the chilly season, and Olsen wants to focus on maintaining a homey feel while at the same time running efficiently.

“We’ve decided to add a drip coffee cart outside, that also sells bags of donuts and something healthy as well. It’s a ‘grab and go’ kind of thing.” Olsen said.

As well as the drip cart, Local’s hours will be extended for the winter and will start serving paninis. With the sudden closings of Peaches Cafe and Aspen Over Easy, new coffee shops are quickly judged by the community, and it seems as if Aspen has been more than welcoming.

“The best part of the job is having the support of the community. We already have those who come in every day. We also have an incredible barista,” Olsen said.

Pepper-Levi Potts, the shops first out-of-family hire, loves his job and doesn’t even see it as work.

“It’s definitely got an atmosphere you couldn’t find in any other coffee shop. With the whole family working it really just feels like a team,” Potts said. “Sometimes, I’ll just sit and hang out with the customers. Here customers and employees are one and the same.”

With a super friendly environment and an incredible menu, Local Coffee House has quickly become Aspens go-to coffee shop. With a focus on affordability, this is a perfect place for students to discover.

This story was originally published on The Skier Scribbler on September 24, 2018.