New year, new focus

New principal Steven Stefanick leads the charge with sweeping policy changes

Alice Bennett

By Alice Bennett, Harding Charter Preparatory High School

This year the school finds itself with not only new students, but a new principal as well. New head principal Steven Stefanick has changed policies all throughout the school: one change being the dress code with students now being allowed to wear official HCP sweaters and jackets year round and have patch pockets on their pants.

Another big change that will affect not only the student body but the entire faculty as well is the change in policy towards a softer curriculum. Harding wants to focus on giving the students what they need to succeed on an individual basis, trying to promote equity over equality.

“Every student is different. Every student has different needs. Every student has different backgrounds. How can we adapt to you to make sure you’re successful not only at Harding but also in college later on,”  Stefanick said.

The staff wishes to change the systems in place to move towards equity, but also keep the school constantly changing to make it the best school it could possibly be for every student.

This story was originally published on The Marionette on October 11, 2018.