Senior watches her animation at New York City film festival


Courtesy of Jamin Teran

Teresa Gutierrez and Victoria Eller Castillo stand in front of Times Square in New York City while at the All-American High School Film Festival.

Victoria Eller Castillo

By Alfonso Gutierrez Jr, Vidal M. Trevino School of Communications and Fine Arts

Senior Victoria Eller Castillo thought her trip to New York City was an amazing and great experience.

“The festival was a wonderful and awesome experience, and it was fun to go on this trip,” Castillo said.

She created an animated video that was featured in the All American High School Film Festival 2018, in Times Square, New York City. With Castillo was fellow senior Teresa Gutierrez and Digital Media Instructor Jamin Teran.

“The film was about a boy and his parents that argued all the time and he would get sad, so he would use his imagination as a form of coping with the situation,” Castillo said.

“The high point of my video was probably when the world of the kid changes into this world of adventure, and he can see dinosaurs. Every time he blinks there is something new for him to observe. You can see the wonder and happiness in his eyes,” Castillo said.

The video was animated; she drew it by hand and ended up with 936 pages of drawings that lasts 1 minute, 18 seconds. She based the idea on her younger days when her parents would argue a lot.

Every time he blinks there is something new for him to observe. You can see the wonder and happiness in his eyes.”

— Victoria Eller Castillo

She said she was surprised and excited that her film was chosen. She said her family and friends were proud, happy and excited because her film made it to the festival.

“I thought that when compared to other peoples’ work it wouldn’t hold up,” Castillo said.

She explained one of the challenges she faced in completing her animation.

“A challenge was mostly time because it was frame by frame, and I stayed up very late at night just working on it,” Castillo said.

She overcame this challenge by going with her brother while he was studying for a TAMIU final exam. She said she worked about two to three nights to finish her work. Castillo said her brother, who also stayed up all night, helped her by motivating her to finish and to not give up.

“The All American High School Film Festival 2018 was very professional, almost like the red carpet, and very impressive. I saw a lot of good films,” Castillo said.

She said she could feel her heart beating, and also felt stress and excitement because her film was going to be shown to people from around the world who were at the festival.

“I could see flaws in my work, and I felt very inspired by everybody’s skills and artistry,” Castillo said.

She said the audience liked the film. Castillo remembers one member of the audience that was excited to see her animation because he wanted to compare it to some of the live action films.

She said some benefits that will help her in the future are shot composition and ideas from live action films she could incorporate for the future.

“After all, the All American High School Festival 2018 was an amazing and fun experience to go on this trip and get to see other films,” Castillo said.

This story was originally published on The Magnet Tribune on November 12, 2018.