Seventh-grade tours Cameron University


Rylee Brown

Seventh-grade students visit Cameron University in Lawton.

By Whitley Brown, Duncan Middle School

Before seventh-grade students visited, Cameron University changed its policy to only allow 100 kids to visit at a time. This forced Duncan Middle School to separate into two groups and visit campus over a two-day period.

Only four employees were available to do the tour.

The seventh-grade students went to Cameron University to tour Thursday and Friday. This visit came about two weeks after the eighth-grade students visited Rose State College. Students who were in ISI (In-School Intervention), suspended or who did not return their filled out permission slip were unable to attend the trip to Cameron.

Students were split by the first letter of their last name. Students who had the last names starting with A through H went on the tour Thursday. Students who had the last name starting with I through W attended Friday. Students who were unable to attend a specific day were allowed to on the other day if they had a note from a parent.

“I think that it could encourage more students to attend college,” Hector Salazar, seventh-grade student, said.

Salazar attended the tour Friday. He said his favorite part of the tour was playing Family Feud.

Other things students did while they visited the campus were visits to various areas of the campus, including the broadcast and newspaper areas and the dormitories, and a challenge game of Jenga.

Angela Ibarra, another seventh-grade student, also attended the tour Friday.

“I think it benefited the students,” Ibarra said.

Another student who attended the tour Friday was Isaac Vallecillo-Ramos.

Vallecillo-Ramos said he found the tour interesting and gave his ideas about college.

“I’m a curious person,” he said. “I enjoy knowing things. I’m very interested. I’m happy to see my options.”

Following the campus tour, the students were sent a survey about the tour to help with a Gear Up Grant. Students were given time in class to get the surveys filled out and submitted.

This story was originally published on Demon Direct on December 3, 2018.