Gambino creates another iconic music video


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Glover is currently on his last tour as a musician on the This Is America tour. He stated his retirement of Childish Gambino on stage at the 2017 Governors Ball music festival.

By Katie Valenti, H.B. Plant High School

Donald Glover, under his musician name, Childish Gambino, released a two-song album- “The Summer Pack” July 11. Gambino is retiring his music career after his next album is dropped, making the songs “Feels Like Summer” and “Summertime Magic” some of his last.  

“Feels Like Summer,” produced by Donald Glover and Ludwig Goransson, is accompanied by an animated music video featuring Gambino walking the streets in a neighborhood with earphones, looking at various celebrities — primarily rappers — partake in various childish activities. No pun intended.  

The different recreations of the over 60 celebrity cameos, illustrated by Justin Richburg, symbolize and reflects news and drama they were involved in.  

The video includes Chris Brown crying — maybe because of his abuse conviction — and Travis Scott and Niki Minaj playing with blocks — symbolizing a recent feud about the sales of their albums. The most talked about and controversial scene is Kanye West wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat while being embraced by former first lady Michelle Obama.  

Although this video portrays lighter issues than those he addresses in his “This is America” music video, “Feels Like Summer” takes on contentious concepts. This is heightened because no one really knows what Glover had intended to make and it is totally up to one’s interpretation.  

Childish Gambino

The co-directors of the music videos, Ivan Dizon and animator Greg Sharp, have stated in an interview that the explanation of it is not necessary and co-director Gambino’s truth in the music video should be respected, as summarized from “Fader” magazine. 

These misinterpretations will never be labeled as correct or not. One of the theories from lyrical analysis website “Genius Lyrics” concerning the most talked about scene of West and former first lady Obama is a hypothesis that Gambino is depicting West crying when he apologized on a radio for his tweet stating that slavery is choice. 

Another theory from “Vice” magazine predicts that it shows the former First Lady’s kindness although the rapper is wearing a contradicting “Make America Great Again” hat representing his recent political stance.  

As audience members, we have been graced with Glover’s unearthly creative mind. Animation in music videos is very underrated and a rare occurrence, along with the hidden messages portrayed.  

As one of the last scenes we may ever see in a Childish Gambino music video, the artist looks back on the stroll he took in the neighborhood, showing his reflection and remembrance of these events and people that encompass the rap genre. The final scene of him walking into his house is thought to be symbolic of Childish Gambino leaving his rap career. 

The last two singers to appear in the video are Whitney Houston and a young Michael Jackson, and it can be inferred that Glover is paying homage to these two inspirations of his. 

The curiosity and unknown of the video are beautiful. The nostalgic aspects along with a touch of Donald Glover’s intimacy is what makes him so great.

This story was originally published on The Pep O’ Plant on October 17, 2018.