T-shirt design winner selected


Bethany Mefford

Brooklyn Rowell shows off her T-shirt design. Rowell’s design was announced as the winner today.

By Whitley Brown, Duncan Middle School

The theme was “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do.” The design was simple. And the winner was sixth-grader Brooklyn Rowell.

Rowell’s T-shirt design was selected by a vote of Duncan Middle School students through a contest for “best T-shirt design.” The voting was open to all DMS students.

Additionally, the contest was also open to all DMS students. The design papers were available throughout the middle school, and many were taped to the walls for students to get their hands on.

But it was Rowell’s design that captured the student body’s attention.

“I didn’t expect to win,” Rowell said. “When they call, I felt weird.”

Rowell said she has been waiting for weeks to find out if her design was selected. The contest, itself, started Sept. 1.

Sherry McGhghy, National Junior Honor Society adviser, said the voting delayed the selection process. But with the choice made, the T-shirts would be soon to follow.

McGhghy said pre-orders for the T-shirts will be starting soon so students and faculty members will be able to make their purchase and secure their 2018-19 T-shirts.

In previous years, the T-shirts were fell under the umbrella of the Science Club and was used as a fundraiser for that club. However, with the retirement of Jeanna Russell, sixth-grade science teacher, at the end of the 2017-18 school year, the Science Club was no more.

With no one to take on Science Club, the school T-shirt project was up for grabs. McGhghy requested the project as a way to gets students involved in the T-shirt process.

And that’s when the design contest came about.

Rowell said she’s excited to see her design across the school as students start getting their shirts. However, McGhghy said a price has yet to be set for the T-shirts, but she hopes to figure it out before Christmas Break.

This story was originally published on Demon Direct on December 7, 2018.