Mega lunch is more than messes

Students encouraged to use time effectively



Mrs. Hernandez plays guitar with students during her Mega Lunch club Life Enrichment.

Cooper Gallimore

By Reu'Niya Chatman, Melissa High School

Mega Lunch is a time for students to better themselves academically and have fun, but recently the messes that come with Mega Lunch have raised concern among members of staff and administration.

A warning has been issued out to the entire school regarding Mega Lunch. Students have been abusing this privilege by leaving their rubbish all around campus. Students have not been taking advantage of the tutoring sessions and club activities.

“The bottom line,” Vice Principal Matthew Owens said, “It’s improving but we would like to see more student involvement and usage of the programs, clubs and supports offered, especially freshman.”

If this continues to happen Mega Lunch will no longer happen and the school will go back to the three lunch schedule.

“It’s a great opportunity that you all are being given. You just have to take advantage of it,” said Business Information Management teacher Linda Gonzalez.

The idea behind Mega Lunch is for students to be able to attend tutoring sessions, join clubs, or make new friends while eating lunch. For staff, it’s a time to sponsor a club, grade papers, tutor, eat, and catch up with coworkers. Overall, Mega Lunch is a great opportunity that has been created for both students and staff.

“Mega Lunch is especially beneficial to coaches,” Geometry teacher Frank DePaolo said, “because we don’t have time after school or before school to tutor and help our students so that built-in hour is really helpful.”

Students are taking advantage of this “college like” atmosphere by littering themselves all over campus and enjoying time with their friends. There are tons of places where students can go eat so they’re not confined to the student union. Classrooms, any area outside so long as it’s not the parking lot, and non-carpeted common areas are places available for students to eat.

“One of my favorite places to eat is the non-carpeted common area on the second floor,” freshmen Brooklee Waltrip said. “I meet up there with all my friends and we just hang out and eat.”

One of the most frequent places that people go and eat in the hallways and a common area near Coach DePaolo’s classroom. Although Coach DePaolo has been working with the students to make sure they clean up after themselves there’s still a good amount of trash left behind.

“I often have to clean up after students but here recently I’ve been making them clean up after themselves and removing any students who are being especially messy,” said Coach DePaolo.

Although the principals and staff have been talking about possible solutions to the matter, there is currently nothing being done to take care of it. These same issues were going on last year which is why one of the teachers came up with their own solution.

“I think moving forward as a whole we should start to implement consequences if an area is left dirty” Coach DePaolo said.” Also, the last 10 minutes I’ve been going outside and warning the kids to pick up their trash.”

This story was originally published on The Red Banner on December 6, 2018.