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Lockers removed from campus for safety, security reasons.

School officials removed lockers during the 2008-2009 school year.

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School officials removed lockers during the 2008-2009 school year.

By Leslie Juarez, Smithson Valley High School in Spring Branch, Texas

Over the years, students have been questioning the lockers that are in the C wing hallway. Questions include, “Why don’t we have lockers anymore?”

Assistant Principal Dean Hofer said that due to the school’s growth, the hallways got more narrow. They were removed around the 2008-2009 time frame. 

“The addition of lockers took up a lot of space on both sides,” Hofer said. “We used to have them in each of the hallways. A- wing had lockers, but they are still in C- Wing. This was all before A- Wing was constructed for the first and second floor at the time.”

The lockers were also removed for the school’s safety reasons.

“Close to 10 years ago, there were a lot of scare incidents across the nation, such as threats of explosives, that prompted a lot of schools to remove lockers,” Hofer said.  “It also goes back to people being story illicit and (removing them) eased things.”

Another reason for removing the lockers was to prevent theft of personal items.

“Another disadvantage is the propensity for students to break into lockers,” Hofer said. “Students also don’t have to lug textbooks around… and personal items. From a personal standpoint as a student, I wouldn’t want to lug, but I’d want a safe place to keep my personal items.” 

Current students are used to carrying all their school supplies and work in their backpack, causing some to not see the need for lockers.

“I think lockers are just something that wouldn’t work with our school but I see it being useful in smaller populated schools,” senior Annabelle Sanchez said. “However, I see a backpack to carry all your stuff better than a locker because you have all your things. You don’t have to worry about going to open you locker and… forgetting your things.”

Other students feel lockers could help manage school work and ease the weight of backpacks.

“I understand why we can’t have lockers… but they would be beneficial if we did have them,” senior Wyatt Jennings said. “I think we should have lockers even if it is an entire wing. I would like to have them.”

This story was originally published on Valley Ventana on December 11, 2018.