Say hello to the big screen

By Valerie Msafiri, Wylie East High School

At every high school football game in Wylie, planted firmly at the touchdown zone, sets a jumbotron worth a million dollars; it broadcasts the game, replays cool shots, and displays energetic graphics.

The audience is entertained by this huge screen between plays due to a joint collaboration of Wylie High Pirates and Wylie East Raiders. Members of the PiRaider Club film the entire football game to project the footage onto the jumbotron.

What someone in the audience sees, has an entire production going on behind the scenes. The replay recorder goes out on the field and gets shots of all the players, presents the footage to the technical director and the director who make the decisions on what to replay onto the board.

As football season ends and students await for next year, keep an eye out for the Piraiders, the eyes behind the camera.

This story was originally published on Blue Print on October 15, 2018.