Chickens Come Home to Roost on Snapchat


Rhett Jones

Chickens Rocky and Roxanne. Photo courtesy of Rhett Jones

By Blake Berry, Fluvanna County High School

Social media can be used for many different things, including connecting with friends and getting information fast. But for senior Rhett Jones, it’s about updating the world on his two chickens, Rocky and Roxanne.

Jones began posting photos and videos on his personal Snapchat story near the end of 2017, and when New Year’s rolled around, he made a New Year’s Resolution to post daily “chicken updates” to his Snapchat.

And ever since January 1, Jones has posted 20-30 second videos to his story every day without fail.

Jones’ chicken updates quickly gained attention around FCHS, and eventually, Jones decided to create an Instagram account under the name chicken.updates. He said he did so inorder to “broadcast the chicken updates to people outside of my Snapchat friend group.”

But what about the stars of the show? Where did they come from?

“Rocky is the rooster featured in the chicken updates. He is a Plymouth Rock chicken breed. He was hatched on March 10, 2017 [making him just over 18 months old],” said Jones. He added, “My AP Biology class with Mr. Craig Conner was incubating chickens and once they were hatched, we were allowed to take one of the chickens home, and Roxanne is the hen featured in the updates. She is a French Black Copper Marans chicken breed. She was hatched on June 2, 2017. I purchased her when she was a chicklet from my friend, Owen Strickland.”

Jones intends to complete his 2018 resolution, with December 31 being day 365, and wishes to continue posting daily into 2019 as much as possible. Due to his goals to attend college in the fall of 2019, Jones believes he will reach day 520 before heading off and perhaps, letting his chicken updates lapse. However, since he has over 10 gigabytes of pictures and videos in storage for his time away, there may be no end in sight for his Snapchat updates.

Make sure to check out Jones’ Instagram, chicken.updates for daily photos of Rocky and Roxanne.

This story was originally published on Fluco Beat on December 4, 2018.