Tyler Grosvenor Wins National Photo Contest


Enrique Paz

Tyler Grosvenor, the Yearbook Photo Editor, stands in his natural element, the yearbook room. Photo by Enrique Paz

By Enrique Paz, Klein Cain High School

Yearbook Photo Editor Wins 1st Place

Taking the Lab Outdoors
Tyler Grosvenor’s Balfour Photo Contest First Place photo “Taking the Lab Outdoors” depicting Hospitality students simulating a grease fire with Klein FD. Photo by Tyler Grosvenor.

Yesterday on Nov. 15, Balfour Publishing posted their Fall 2018 Photo Shoot Contest results. Klein Cain Yearbook’s very own Photo Editor, Tyler Grosvenor received first place in the Academic Activities category. Grosvenor had submitted his photograph, depicting a picture of a student using a fire extinguisher outside.

“I applied for it Oct. 31 nine days before the competition was over,” Grosvenor said. “I was just sitting on Twitter and I follow Balfour and then I saw they were hosting a competition and so I saw the theme, was like, ‘I might have some photos for this’ and then I went on my computer and looked for some photos that fit the theme, and then I submitted my photo.”

Photographers send in their pictures from around the country for critique. There were multiple categories to participate in for this round. Out of everyone that applied, Grosvenor caught the attention of many who saw the pictures. He later received an email informing him of the results regarding the competition.

“I looked at the email, I thought it was spam. Then I looked back at it, it said ‘Balfour Competition’… and then I read it and then I showed everybody on the bus and I was like ‘dang I actually won’ and I started getting happy, started showing everybody,” Grosvenor said.

Behind the Photo

Tyler Grosvenor, the 2019 Yearbook Photo Editor raises his camera to take a photo. Photo by: Jacob Elbert

Grosvenor had to capture the picture one day when his adviser, Jacob Elbert, sent him to cover the events in the CTE class to include it in the yearbook.

“It was a little difficult, my yearbook teacher Mr. Elbert was out, he was with his newborn. It was my first time ever taking pictures of fire, and I was like ‘dang I don’t really know how to do this’. Mr. Elbert usually helps me with my photography and stuff. It was a little difficult but then I started shooting more and then got the hang of it, ” Grosvenor said.

Photography is a fun part of Grosvenor’s life, and he enjoys using his camera for the yearbook and his everyday life. He also studies the art and watches videos on YouTube giving him a better understanding of it. He’s constantly learning how to do more creative things and hopes to pass his knowledge on to others.

“I like doing photography because I like capturing the reactions of people and capturing that moment and time that lasts a lifetime,” Grosvenor said. “My favorite thing to do is portraits and action because I get to capture that time and moment and it’s there.”

This story was originally published on Cain Live on November 16, 2018.