‘Vice’: a different kind of movie


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Vice was recently nominated for six Golden Globe Awards. Christian Bale took home the award for Actor in a Musical or Comedy Film.

By Xander Donahue, Lincoln High School

Director Adam Mckay’s new film “Vice” is by far one of the most interesting, weirdest films of 2018. Christian Bale and co-stars Amy Adams and Steve Carell transport viewers to an eerily familiar world full of political scandals, lies and power-hungry leaders.

“Vice” tells the “true” story of former Vice President Dick Cheney’s complicated and mysterious rise to power. Due to the fact that little is known about Cheney, not every part of the movie is completely credible. Rather, it is an interpretation of what his life was like was during, before and after his role as vice president. The movie is unexpectedly funny, giving the viewer reasons to sympathize with the evil and complicated characterization of Cheney and his wife, Lynne. The movie follows Cheney’s rich and ambiguous political background by using a unique blend of comedy and interesting visual metaphors to depict his motivations and hardships while climbing the political ladder.

The most enjoyable part about this movie is the performances, the best of which being Christian Bale’s portrayal of the enthusiastic and mundane vice president. The actor famous for playing Batman just six years ago lost the work out routine and gained 40 pounds to play this role. But his enormous size was not the only thing that made his part interesting. His impression was also spot on, making it hard to believe that somebody so different from the character could give such an amazing performance. Amy Adams also gives a great performance, bringing an emotional and compelling performance that adds a different dynamic to the story.

What really sets this movie apart from other films is how it tells its story. It is an unconventional, sometimes confusing narration driven documentary-esque style comedy/drama/biopic, or something like that… I think. It is  kind of hard to tell. The movie heavily relies on quick cutaway shots and sarcastic, out of character dialogue to depict metaphors and messages in the film. This unique style of directing is not new to cinema, but the film is always odd watching a movie that doesn’t follow the typical movie layout. At some points it makes the film confusing, but other times it uses this method to establish tone and differentiate itself from other movies in general.

This movie is, without a doubt, very odd. It has an interesting perspective and a unique way of telling its story. If anything, people should watch this movie for its great performances. I would say that this movie is good, but not great. It is interesting to watch and has several memorable moments. “Vice” is a movie that I think everybody should watch just for the overall experience.

This story was originally published on The Statesman on January 10, 2019.