Bad Ideas have never seemed so good


Photo courtesy of Instagram user @tessaviolet

A promotional picture of the Bad Ideas music video posted by Tessa Violet.

By Aja Schiller, Aspen High School

Tessa Violet is a 28-year-old Indie-pop singer who has been hyping up her new song, “Bad Ideas”, for the past year and finally released the song on November 30. The release of the song was accompanied by a music video of Violet dancing in different settings, such as her couch or in a forest, wearing an array of colored jumpsuits.

Violet rose to fame through YouTube videos, under her username Meekakitty, when she started her channel back in 2007. Her YouTube channel now has more than 1.4 million subscribers and she plans to tour the United States starting February 2019. She toured with her friend Dodie, a fellow singer/songwriter, this past year and opened the concert with a sneak peek of her new music that was later released to the public.

“Bad Ideas” opens with a beautiful harp chord that brings immediate attention to the music. She starts the song with the blunt lyric, “I hope that you don’t think I’m rude / but I wanna make out with you.” The song is about an unrequited crush and how she knows she’s making a bad choice about falling for the person, but doesn’t care because she’s so content with the fall.

Her song ends after three minutes of catchy lyrics and a strong beat, with the same harp chord and then an ending just as abrupt as the beginning. In her past songs, Violet would sing about mental health issues that she’s run into, but her most recent songs, Bad Ideas and Crush, are more about how Violet is hopelessly in love all the time.

“I was unlearning how to cope and just learning how to be,” Violet said during her Denver concert in September. She spent a few minuted touching on mental health and expressing how she’s told her story through her music.

The music video shows Violet in a series of uncomfortable positions and wearing her colorful jumpsuit wardrobe. She impulsively cuts her bangs during the video while the lyric, “I don’t what compels me / to do the very thing that fells me,” plays in the background.

Both the song and the music video are glazed in metaphors and the relatable feeling of having an unrequited crush on someone, yet still pursuing it, despite knowing it won’t end happily. “Bad Ideas” is one of the best ideas Tessa Violet has created since the beginning of her career.

This story was originally published on The Skier Scribbler on December 18, 2018.