Flu season continues at DMS


Whitley Brown

A sign above the water fountains in the eighth-grade hall remind students about the flu.

By Whitley Brown, Duncan Middle School

The flu has returned once again, only this time early.

Flu season normally happens starting around September or October. However, flu is in full swing at Duncan Middle School and surrounding areas.

Flu a viral infection caused by contact with someone else who has the illness.

School nurse Kristen Akers said there are ways to refrain from catching the flu.

“Don’t eat or drink after anyone,” Akers said. “If anyone in your household is sick, try to avoid them.”

Akers also said there are around 40 students in Duncan Middle School out with the flu as of Friday. By Monday morning, Akers was also absent because of the flu.

According to a Demon Direct story written by Alana Lee, Duncan Middle School closed because of flu-related absences in January 2018. At that point about 150 students were absence because of the flu.

In October 2018, flu shots were administered for teachers on campus. Check out the related story here.

Along with the flu absences, Akers has recently been out with the flu.

“It’s been difficult to function without a school nurse,” Tim Hightower, DMS assistant principal, said. “But we’ve got a substitute nurse, and staff is helping to reduce some of the difficulties.”

The school nurse hasn’t returned yet to Duncan Middle School.

While Aker is out because of the spreading illness, she did provide some tips for avoiding the flu, which included washing hands to avoid the spread of the flu virus. In fact, signs were hung around Duncan Middle School to promote the washing of hands. These signs read, “Love is in the air. But so is the flu. Wash your hands.”

In the event students or teachers get sick, Akers said they should drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, and most importantly, visit the doctor.

This story was originally published on Demon Direct on February 11, 2019.