Anime Club hosts Super Smash Bros tournament for fifth year in a row


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Available on Nintendo Switch as well other gaming systems, Smash Bros Ultimate a hot game played by all.

By Robyn Epstein, Colonia High School

Anime club hosted their annual Smash Bros Tournament Wednesday, January 23. This year many hopefuls signed up. However, there can only be one winner.

This is the fifth year the Anime Club hosted their Smash Bros tournament. There were 28 people who participated in this event. The cost to join was $3 up until a certain date. The winner of this tournament gets a GameStop gift-card. The tournament has gotten bigger and more competitive each and every year.

This year was no different and some may say this was the biggest event Anime Club hosted. Club supervisor Mr. Long was very happy about the turnout.

“This year there were so many more people than I expected,” he stated. “I was blown away about how many people showed up.”

Not only was Long blown away, but all the other competitors were as well. Junior Michael Gfroehrer, who placed third last year, is ready to improve and possibly win this year.

“I hope to improve this year considering how match evenly everyone is,” he said. “I hope to possibly win however that will be a challenge considering I have to go up against Vincent Moy.” 

Moy is a senior and has won the tournament for the past three years. He is considered unstoppable by his peers. Also, is almost everyone’s biggest competition. Moy is relaxed and confident for this years tournament and is hoping to win for a fourth time. He expects more competition this year but that isn’t stopping him.

First Round

The first round of the Smash Bros tournament begun Wednesday on January 23. Club president Ethan Maltez randomly put together a bracket to decide who will go up against each other. There were many memorable moments that happened this first round. Gfroehrer had an impressive win his first round by beating junior Thomas Durant. Gfroehrer will move on to round two to face Archit Dalal.

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Intensely paying Super Smash Bros, senior Vincent Moy and junior Alejandro Gomez both hope for a victory.

Another noteworthy match-up was Long and Marcus Wilkins. This match up was intense yet hilarious at the same time. These two went at it but ultimately Long came out with the win.

“I played as Donkey Kong and nobody can beat Donkey Kong,” Long said.

However, next round Long faces Leanna Moy who is a tough competitor. Vinent Moy is also won his first round. He beat Alejandro Gomez to secure the win. This was a tough game but Vincent Moy was able to come out on top. His goal of winning four years in a row are looking promising.

Each and every game was intense and promising in its own way. All the competitors who participated showed off their skills very well and showed passion for the game. It is still early to tell who will exactly win but who ever does will definitely earn the title of best Smash Bros player in the school. Round two will be taking place Wednesday, February 13.

“I hope this tournament brings more people into Anime Club,” President Maltez states. “I want people to see that we are more then just Anime but are gamers as well.”

This story was originally published on The Declaration on February 5, 2019.