Graduation gets pushed back as snow days pile up


Nina Cipriani

The class of 2018 officially graduate as they throw their caps into the air. The graduation date was June 1, one of the earliest graduations of the past few years.

By Nina Cipriani, Altoona Area High School

One of the most controversial things having to do with school is the snow days: whether or not there should be one and whether or not there should be a two-hour delay. But, with snow days comes makeup days, and with makeup days comes a delay in graduation.

Students do not want to go to school any longer than they have to. This is exactly why so many students are frustrated that the graduation date continues to get pushed back.

“It is frustrating for those who already have plans made during the week of graduation, but it also gives us more time to enjoy the last couple days of high school,” senior Miranda Wertz said.

Opinions differ between grade levels, though, seniors are much more worried about the date being pushed back even further, rather than sophomores who are indifferent because they do not graduate for another two years.

“I think for people that do have plans that week, it would be unfortunate. But, that’s just how it is, and with all the snow days there’s no getting around it. There is still so many months so there’s still time to push your plans back. Overall, it is not that big of a deal,” sophomore Sydney Wilfong said.

“Honestly, I don’t think it really matters because it may affect the senior week, but what’s more important, senior week or graduation?” junior Mckenzie Quirin said.

“Graduation is pushed back every year, and every year students complain about it. The class of 2019 complains too much, and this isn’t going to change,” senior Marissa Kessler said.

Students must consider the consequences of not cancelling school when it is necessary to do so. Parents become angry with the school board and superintendent when the roads and sidewalks are not taken care of after a snow storm. Not only this, but these snowy and icy conditions are unsafe for students to walk or drive to school in.

“Students complain about when school isn’t canceled, but then they complain about the repercussions. They are never satisfied,” Kessler said.

Students have also made a petition to move the graduation date to Saturday, June 8, but, as of now, the graduation date is June 10, the last school day of this school year.

This story was originally published on Mountain Echo on March 14, 2019.