Food trucks could be in LISD’s future


Mauro Flores

VMT students eat in the cafeteria during a recent lunch hour.

By Mauro Flores, Vidal M. Trevino School of Communications and Fine Arts

As districts in the Rio Grande Valley incorporate food trucks into their schools, Child Nutrition Program Director Roberto Cuellar Jr. said Laredo ISD plans to integrate them as well.

Cuellar discussed the possibility of having food truck food available to LISD students but said it may not be that different from the food the cafeteria provides now.

“It’ll be more a grab and go stuff,” Cuellar said.

For instance, students could expect grilled cheese sandwiches with wheat bread, reduced fat pizza, and burritos.

Here at Laredo ISD were ahead of our game.”

— Roberto Cuellar Jr.

A big question with food trucks is their cost. Cost shouldn’t be surmountable because less staff would be required on the food truck, Cuellar said.

Cuellar said the district plans on having the food trucks up and running in a year and plans to make them available to everyone — students, faculty and staff.

“When people think food truck, we don’t want them to think its greasy stuff. Its healthy stuff that the school will offer,” Cuellar said.

Some beverages that might be served include vegetable and fruit smoothies. Cuellar said he will keep the food healthy while offering freshness.

Two students from J.W. Nixon High School were asked on their thoughts of food truck food.

“I think it’s a great idea. We students need a change in the food we eat,” said Carolina Trevino.

Lorena Rodriguez added, “I would love to eat food truck food in our school.”

Trevino and Rodriguez expressed how they would like food truck food only on some days.

When asked what were some food options they’d like to see these students mentioned homemade hamburgers and chilidogs.

Both said they think food truck food would be a great change for Laredo ISD.

“Here at Laredo ISD were ahead of our game,” Cuellar said.

He said regulations would need to be met in order to make food trucks a success.

“Food truck vendors would have to meet compliance with the health department as far as being able to sell food in the food delivering trucks and on school grounds, ” Cuellar said.

Laredo ISD would also have to make sure the trucks have any equipment needed to pass code as far as Child Nutrition Program policy is concerned.

“Laredo ISD’s Child Nutrition Program is always at the forefront, and takes different initiatives to please all customers,” Cuellar said.

This story was originally published on The Magnet Tribune on March 21, 2019.