CHS Students React to College Admissions Scandal



Many universities are involved with the college admissions scandal in which students were enrolled under false circumstances.

By Kidan Williams, Clarksburg High School

The recent college admissions scandal has stirred up a lot of emotions especially with high school and college students.

Celebrities such as actress Lori Loughlin, known for her role as Aunt Becky on the popular show Full House, paid for her daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose, to be accepted into the University of Southern California.

Many students are disappointed and infuriated that celebrities paid their children’s way into college. The celebrities, as well as their children, have been getting a lot of hate from students on social media.

“I think taking hardworking people’s spots to a college you didn’t work for is completely maddening, and the parents should be ashamed of themselves,”  CHS freshman Kaavya Suresh said.

Many people follow these celebrities on social media, and television. In addition to Full House, Loughlin stars in many Hallmark channel shows and movies. Many teenagers follow her daughter, Olivia Jade since she is a really popular social media influencer on Youtube and Instagram

“We all know Aunt Becky from the show Full House. I love that show so much and Aunt Becky was one of my favorite characters,” freshman Hailey Chung said. “But now I’m really disappointed that she would do this sort of thing for her daughters. Because of her mom, I followed Olivia Jade on youtube, and honestly, she seemed a little stuck up. You could tell she is used to a wealthy lifestyle.”

Because of this scandal, Loughlin has been fired from of her Hallmark shows, and the Full House spin-off:  Fuller House. Her daughter Olivia Jade has lost many brand deals with Sephora, Princess Polly, Amazon, and etc.

“I don’t feel bad for Olivia Jade because she didn’t even want to go to college in the first place and at the end of the day she is still gonna be rich and famous,”  freshman Ameena Niamanthulla said.

Many people are disappointed that these celebrities would take spots that they didn’t work for and it angers a lot of students.

“I think that other people deserved those spots to college instead of others that paid their way in,” said freshman Ameena Niamanthulla. “They should definitely change the college admissions process.”

This story was originally published on The Clarksburg Howl on March 28, 2019.