Reeves Earned a Spot in The Voice Competition


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Junior Savannah Reeves caught the attention of The Voice recently. She has made it through several rounds of competition and is waiting to hear if she will continue further.

By Rachel Litvin, Scott County High School

Scott County High School junior and local musician, Savannah Reeves, recently auditioned for The Voice. This teen has always been passionate about music for as long as she can remember. “I started singing as soon as I opened my mouth to speak,” Reeves stated.  

She eventually picked up the guitar and piano as well and began to accompany herself as she sang and practiced more. Once in awhile, Savannah would perform in church services along with her grandfather, who was also a talented vocalist.

The passion to pursue music began when she was at a beauty pageant, where another young vocalist handed her a CD with her music and signature. Savannah claimed to have listened to nothing but that CD for weeks on end and that’s when she knew that this was her dream too.

What started as just practicing and simply listening to music in the car with her mom eventually grew to something more. After posting many videos on Facebook and other social media platforms, she was noticed by The Tipsy Cow, a local restaurant in Georgetown that often hosts live music.  She was asked to come in for an audition. After hearing her performance, the owners told Reeves they wanted her to come in once a week to perform for an audience every Thursday.

After she started to sing at The Tipsy Cow, Reeves received news from her mom that had been recognized by The Voice. “I screamed in my car, and I went home and hugged my mom with excitement,” Reeves said.

She was selected for the San Francisco Instagram Blind Audition and was asked to send in a recording of her voice with a black screen. The video was later posted on The Voice’s Instagram story on February 15th along with other contenders, where viewers could vote for their preferred vocalist. The Instagram poll lasted twenty-four hours, and Savannah came up on top. She was very excited to hear that she had won and looked forward to her next auditions in San Francisco, California.

After winning the Instagram poll, she flew to San Francisco with her mom for more auditions. When she arrived, she became nervous but was confident with her pieces. This does not mark the end of Savannah’s auditions for The Voice, and she awaits for her results. She expects to hear back from the judges later this school year in regards to her next step with this group.

Savannah still performs at the Tipsy Cow and explained that she prefers playing in front of larger crowds rather than smaller groups. “I just feel so much more nervous in front of judges even though it’s less people,” she stated.

My mom is like my ‘momager.’ She takes care of everything I need, and I couldn’t have made it this far without her assistance and guidance.”

— Savannah Reeves

Reeves enjoys singing a variety of different genres in music but mainly country music and music by her Idol, Carrie Underwood. Not only does she perform many different types of songs, but also some of her own music as well. Savannah enjoys writing her own music and says to have gotten inspiration for song lyrics for a number of different things including personal experiences, friends and even just random thoughts.

One outlet this young vocalist wishes to create through her music is to help people that she may not be able to reach now. One way Reeves plans on helping others through her music is to use her money for charity. Another idea she had is to bring awareness to certain things or start organizations to help small communities such as Georgetown. Whether it’s through charity work or creating programs, Savannah’s main goal is to help others.

Although Reeves tends to usually sing solo, she mentioned she could not have gotten this far from the support she has gotten from others around her, especially her mom, who is always there for her, whether it’s picking up her music, or gathering her equipment or just being there to love and be there for her through it all. “My mom is like my ‘momager.’ She takes care of everything I need, and I couldn’t have made it this far without her assistance and guidance.” Reeves said. “But I also couldn’t have done it without this amazing community either.”

This story was originally published on The Cardinal Spirit on March 26, 2019.