Through class interview, student shares struggle of losing parent


By Michelle Norton, Glacier Peak HS, Snohomish, Wash.

With his average-length brown hair and his consistent smile, the struggles hidden behind the rectangular glasses of junior, Ethan Anderson, were revealed during his interview in Mr. Bonner’s class.

Before he decided to volunteer for one of Mr. Bonner’s interviews, not many people knew that Anderson had just lost his mother to cancer in early September.

It’s kind of therapeutic, in a way, getting to openly talk about my mom.”

— Ethan Anderson


When asked why he chose to be interviewed, Anderson responded, “It’s kind of therapeutic, in a way, getting to openly talk about my mom. The last couple of months with her were hard. All of the medication she was on caused her to kind of ‘check out.’”

Through the tears of the students, it was obvious his story touched many lives.

“I thought Ethan’s interview was really memorable because very few people knew that his mom had just died, and he talked very openly and honestly about the pain associated with that,” Bonner said.

Not many people have the courage to go up in front of an entire class and talk about a subject as difficult one of your parents passing, but Anderson did. It helped him cope with a devastating time in his life.

“Before his interview I kind of avoided Ethan because he always seemed kind of on the edge. After his interview, he seemed a lot happier and willing to talk to more people,” junior, Hanna Dalrymple said. “Perspectives can be changed really quickly if you take the time to find out about someone’s story,” She continued.

Today, Anderson is living at home with his dad.

“Things are different without my mom but it’s going really good,” Anderson said. “My dad goes to all of my hockey games, which is usually something my mom would have done, but it’s really nice seeing him at the rink. My dad is doing a great job.”

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