LP’s Sold Out Wiltern Concert Was Not Lost On Us

Girls went wild when LP took the stage at the sold out concert at The Wiltern in down town L.A.


Diana Juarez

With a larger than life stage presence, LP wowed the crowd with songs from her latest album Heart to Mouth.

By Diana Juarez, Rio Hondo College

LP brought the sold out Wiltern to its feet during her unforgettable homecoming concert March 9. After a rocky start to the first leg of her “Heart to Mouth” tour when illness forced her to reschedule a handful of concerts early on, LP recovered and brought over 1,500 people to their feet.

Dedicated fans from all over the world congregated at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles starting around noon this past Saturday. From Italy to Texas, France to Mexico, LP’s fans treated each other more like family as they shared stories about the first time they heard her sing.

“This is my first time seeing her,” said Nancy Elizabeth Aguiar, an LP fan from Baja California, Mexico, “I just love her so much and I had to make the trip up here. We drove all the way from Ensenada just to see her.”

Loaded down with gifts and letters for their favorite musician, fans braved the cold L.A. evening. Always approachable, LP has a very close relationship with her fans and the meet-and-greet VIP tickets sell out just as often as her concerts themselves do.

Brenda Ro and her sister, Karina Ro Cruz, drove from San Diego to see the show. While Cruz is an avid fan of LP’s, Ro was more of a casual listener who quickly fell in love with LP’s power vocals.

“We couldn’t get the VIP but we brought her something,” said Cruz, “we gave our gift to someone in the VIP line so we really hope she gets it.”

This type of dedication isn’t strange at all considering the caliber of artist that LP is. The New York native, L.A. based singer songwriter has had many hits and misses in her career that began in the late 90’s.

Although she received plenty of positive reviews from critics, her early albums didn’t gain enough traction at the beginning. LP went on to sign with multiple record labels and co-wrote songs with famous musicians including Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, and even Cher.

Her songs have been featured in popular shows such as Orange Is The New Black, Shades of Blue, and Sense8. It wasn’t until her single, “Lost on You,” made the radio in Greece back in late 2016 that LP’s career took a turn for the better. She has played late night shows such as David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, and Conan O’brien.

With her signature whistle and undeniable swagger, LP drove the crowd wild at The Wiltern as she danced from one end of the stage to the other. Not even a literal and accidental mic drop was enough to stop the electric performance.

From upbeat dance music to heart wrenching break up songs, LP kept her captivated audience entertained them with her versatility and undeniable talent. Even the opening acts for this tour were brilliant as bands such as The Years, Slug, and Lauren Ruth Ward, LP’s fiance and an amazing singer songwriter in her own right.

After the show, fans quickly opened Instagram to see if the singer had posted to her account a video of all the gifts she received.

Fans Sandy Luca and Erika Cazares were surprised to have LP post about a personalized picture and message they gave her.

“It was super emotional to have her post about our gift,” said Cazares, “she’s one of our favorite musicians and it was just so special.”

“I didn’t even think she remembered me,” said Luca, “I had seen her dog Orson from across the street one day. I ran up to her and asked if I could pet him.”

“…Thank you LA and @thewiltern for such an amazing night wow!! What an amazing  home town audience!!” Posted LP to her instagram. A sentiment she repeated throughout the show.

LP’s infectious charisma, mind blowing vocals, and heartfelt lyrics attract people of all ages, making her rising star one to keep an eye out. There is no doubt about it, as if the string of sold out shows across the west coast weren’t enough, LP’s larger than life stage presence will keep fans wanting more.

The concert closed out with one of an all-time favorite, “Lost on You,” which the audience belted along with LP. It was an echo to her show at the Observatory in Santa Ana, when LP was too sick to finish the song and the audience gladly took over for her. To say that the show at The Wiltern more than made up for any perceived disappointment is an understatement. LP delivered far and beyond anyone’s expectations.

If you’re not familiar with her music you should definitely check her out, and if you see her walking around L.A. with her dog, Orson, just wave “hi” she might even let you pet him.

Her tour will be taking her around the world for the next few months but people will get a chance to experience LP at the Ohana festival in Dana Point, Ca.

This story was originally published on El Paisano on March 15, 2019.