Stranger picks up bill for CHS students’ prom dinner


Therese de Leon

The mystery woman in the middle paid for the prom dinner for all 11 CHS students around her.

By Quam Odunsi, Clarksburg High School

A group of CHS students was in for a big surprise that saved a dent in their wallet, as they went out to dinner at Ted’s Bulletin on the night of prom.

Seniors Therese de Leon, Dylan Mendes, Cristina Taffo, Gabby Gee, Connor Devine, Lillian McCarthy, Jade Porter,  Denise Ventura, Lydia Tadesse, and Christina Vo, and junior Christian Oven all got their prom dinner paid for by a stranger the night of prom. It was shocking to them as they had no ties with this woman and she paid for all of them with the reason being that they all looked stunning.

“She was telling all the ladies that everybody looked so beautiful and never change yourself and that made everyone’s spirits go through the roof,” said Oven.

They were not the only prom group presents that night, and the fact that they were able to really stand out to the woman out of the rest left a very lasting effect on them. The action of the woman also genuinely paying for their meal while having no ties also left a lasting effect on the students.

“All of my friends were saying that maybe one day we will also be able to perform a generous act such as the one that she did for us,” de Leon said.

This event is something that the students will be remembering for the rest of their lives will and as de Leon said, will allow them to pay it forward with future acts of kindness. The story has been picked up and published by multiple local news stations.

“It was just a surprise and it was shocking and it was really nice because you know prom is already expensive,” Gee said.

The woman paid for eleven dinners and what the students and others who heard the story can take out of it is that random acts of kindness and being generous is still presents besides all the negativity that may overshadow it and they should too be kind to others.

This story was originally published on The Clarksburg Howl on May 13, 2019.