Addition of MacBooks brings both new opportunities and new restrictions to the school


Steven Curto

With the addition of MacBooks, class assignments have migrated online to websites like Canvas.

By Ben Wieland, Hannah Chern, and Anna Owsley

Every Mill Valley student left enrollment with something a bit more interesting than just a schedule and parking pass this year: a personal, district-issued MacBook Air. The district’s new one-to-one technology initiative has upended classroom structures and changed the way students learn. Adjusting to the absence of the Bring Your Own Device policy, students have found ways to personalize their incorporation of MacBooks into their daily routine.

The MacBooks have proven incredibly useful and convenient to teachers and students alike, though some have struggled with adapting to the new technology. To accompany the technology initiative, administrators have written and implemented new rules restricting student permissions on the laptops, as well as consequences for rule breakers. The MacBooks have required changes to nearly every aspect of teaching and learning at Mill Valley, and their full effect remains to be seen.

This story was originally published on The JagWire/MVTV on September 18, 2019.