Groups throughout the school find ways to use stickers


Steven Curto

Using software designated for debate, sophomore Taylor Doyle types on her personal laptop that she customized with a %23FreeBrutus sticker.

By Ben Wieland, Mill Valley High School

The Silver Stars dance team capitalized on the popularity of stickers by ordering Mill Valley stickers and selling them back to students for their fall fundraiser. Assistant coach Nicole Porter thought the idea could capitalize on an untapped market.

“The email with permission to place stickers on the laptops really sparked the idea,” Porter said. “We thought that if we were the first to sell stickers, people would want to buy them.”

According to Porter, the fundraiser was popular among the Silver Stars, who were excited to get out and sell the stickers.

“The head coach and I had the idea since students were getting new laptops this year,” Porter said. “The girls loved the idea.”

“This is not the most successful fundraiser we have done, but still a great way to raise some funds this year,” Porter said.The funds raised via the sticker sale and other Silver Stars team fundraisers are used to purchase the team’s uniforms and fund trips to competitions. Porter thought the innovative sticker sale was a good start to the year’s fundraising efforts.

This story continues on The JagWire/MVTV and was published on October 1, 2019.