Thomas Vo Breaks Cross Country School Record


Dan Loughlin

Thomas Vo pushes ahead at the Adidas Cross Country Challenge.

By Geoffrey Dean, Green Hope High School

As the sun rose on WakeMed Soccer Park, the Green Hope school record for the men’s 5K was a blistering 15:18.50 set by Peyton Barish back in 2017. By the time the sun was setting and people had long since cleared the course, that record was a figment of the past. A new young star held the school record: Thomas Vo.

En route to a first-place finish at the Adidas Cross Country Challenge, Thomas Vo became the new school record holder, pacing the field with a time of 15:10.3. Vo credited his success on the course to his recent training, saying, “We had done hill work leading up to the race, which definitely helped with going up the last hill and finishing the race fast.”

This hill training certainly helped him finish fast, as he held a virtually even pace from his first two kilometers through the last three kilometers of the race. Vo opened the race at a 4:52.03 minute per mile pace and closed the day at a tremendous 4:53.61 clip, moving from fifth place to first place over the last 1.86 miles.

Thomas, now the school record holder in the 5K and the outdoor track 2 mile and looks to continue his success at the Patriot Derby this Saturday, September 28, at Carolina Horse Park in Hoke County.


This story was originally published on Falcon News Feed on September 27, 2019.