More than 100 attend ‘See you at the Pole’ prayer event

Only a few students showed last year for the same event


More than 100 students and others at Heritage Middle School in San Antonio gathered at the school's flag pole on Sept. 24 as part of the national "See You At the Pole" event.

HMS Hurricane Watch Staff

By HMS Hurricane Watch Staff, Heritage Middle School, San Antonio

Just before sunrise, some 100 students and teachers attended Heritage Middle School’s “Meet you at the Pole” prayer event. The event was in sharp contrast with last year’s two students who stood at the pole to pray.

Students began to arrive as early as 7: 15 a.m.

“I went (to the event) so I could hear the word of God and to feel the presence of God’s words. I love Jesus,” said Joseph C., 8th grader. “I was pretty surprised that a lot of people showed up. I really liked how a lot of kids like hearing the word of God.”

Terence R. began the event with an opening prayer.

I was pretty surprised that a lot of people showed up. I really liked how a lot of kids like hearing the word of God.”

— Joseph C., 8th grader

“Dear God, we thank you for waking us up this morning and letting us come together as friends and family. We ask that you please continue to bless us all and defeat any adversities we may come across this year,” he prayed. “Also, please help us to spread your word and bring your light into this school and community. And as we continue to grow we ask that you please keep us on the right track and let this community grow and prosper. Amen”

Students held hands and gathered together in a big circle around the flag poles. Some of the students and teachers and coaches continued to say short prayers.

“I want to say this. This is awesome to see everybody here. There were kids coming from this way, from that way… this pole kind of represents Jesus right now,” said Coach Moy, who is also an Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at Heritage sponsor. “It’s amazing to see kids come to Jesus. But here’s the deal. By you proclaiming to be followers of Jesus Christ, you are basically magnifying your life for all of the other people at this school. They are going to be watching you.”

Many students grew emotional during the event.

“I cried a little because my heart opened and I felt emotional,” Morgan L. said

Students then divided into small groups to pray.

Haley R., a 6th grader, was one of the many students who attended the event. She said she enjoyed it.

“It was good to see a lot of people out there … you know, just the fact that there is a lot of Christians out there who are safe. And the people at the flag pole, that was a great amount of people.”

Heritage’s “See you at the Pole” event coincided with National Sept. 24 event that happens every fourth Wednesday in September. According to the “See You at the Pole” website, the global day of student prayer started in 1990 as a movement with 10 students.

Analysa M., 7th grader, said she is looking forward to next year. “I hope a lot of people come next year,” she said.

(Reporters, photographers and videographers who contributed to this report include: Anna M., Faith D., Terence R., Kaitlin D., Alyssa D., Brooke S., Jaci N., Ariana A., Cadi G., Reese G., Ziering C., Keillie Brooke D., Kendall B.)

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