Taking a deeper look into sexual harassment culture at West.


Cymry Hieronymus

In this cover story, three female West High students describe their experience with sexual harassment.

By Kailey Gee and Jenna Wang

Inappropriate touching. Unwanted sexting. Catcalling down the hallways.

All of the above have happened right here at West High.

Almost five years ago, WSS wrote a cover story titled ‘No Excuse’ about the culture of sexual harassment in West High at the time. Through detailed accounts of catcalling, the story revealed a climate of sexual harassment that continues on today.

And it isn’t just at West. According to a survey done by Stop Street Harassment, 81% of women and 43% of men have experienced sexual harassment at some point in their lives. While the #MeToo movement helped raise awareness and support for victims, has the overall climate around these issues on a community level changed?

In an effort to shed light on how close these issues still are to our community, WSS shares the stories of three students who discuss their experiences and how the student body and administration as a whole can work towards a better solution.

This story continues on West Side Story and was originally published on November 15, 2019.