New music podcast gets right to The Point

By Tomas Marrero and Stella Shenkman

In inaugural episode of Feedback Loop, The Shield’s new music podcast series, host Tomas Marrero and producer Stella Shenkman speak with the The Point, a musical duo consisting of senior Jack Montesinos and senior Joe Roddy.

Episode 1 features the Point’s live performance of “You’re Just A Dream,” plus an insightful, funny and at time irreverent interview.

The two have been playing music for years together, and have performed all around Austin.

Their song, “You’re Just A Dream” is one of their first and one of their most popular songs. “I wrote it a real long time ago,” Joe Roddy said, “And we’ve played it at every gig since.”

Roddy’s keyboard playing pairs excellently with Montesinos’ stand-up bass, creating a jazz-fusion feel that fills the room.

“It really turned into our most popular song, when people come out and see us that’s the one they recognize,” Montesinos said. “Usually when we have a big crowd we’ll end with that one, especially if we’re doing the hip-hop instrumental stuff. ‘You’re Just A Dream’ ended up being the title of our last album, which we had a release party for.”

You can check out their SoundCloud and Instagram by searching The Point on either respective site. The Feedback Loop will feature McCallum musicians discussing all things music, as well as including a live recorded performance in the Macjournalism recording studio.

This story was originally published on The Shield Online on November 20, 2019.