Rep. Trone brings Speaker Pelosi to Gaithersburg for fundraiser


Katelyn Burley

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi endorsing David Trone at the Gaithersburg High School spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

By Katelyn Burley and Grace Edwards

Maryland District 6 Congressional Representative David Trone held a spaghetti dinner fundraiser on Sunday, November 17, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at Gaithersburg High School, focusing on the Democrat’s “For the People” agenda.

Families from District 6 were invited to attend, along with many important people such as Council Vice President Sidney Katz, Maryland Senator Cheryl Kagan, and other state district senators.

The night began with an invocation by Interim Pastor Lora Hargrove, followed by Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates Adrienne Jones introducing Trone. “He’s working with state attorneys, legislatures, and senators, and our general assembly and local government to make important progress for 2020,” Jones said. “For more than 20 years, he’s worked with the [American Civil Liberties Union] to fix our justice system.”

Trone introduced Pelosi. “Speaker Pelosi is the highest-ranking elected woman ever in the United States history,” Trone said. “Before this, and many other times, she stood up for what’s right. She has stood strong to assist in what we’re doing for this district and for the state, and more than that.” Trone continued listing Pelosi’s accomplishments in office thus far. “I can assure you that I have never known a smarter, more courageous and more impressive leader than our Speaker, Maryland’s own Nancy Pelosi,” Trone said.

Pelosi highlighted Trone’s ability to find a middle ground. “[The Founders] couldn’t possibly imagine… how different we would be from each other. But they knew we always had to strive for ‘oneness,’ that we always had to remember that we have a responsibility to find common ground,” Pelosi said. “[Trone] mentions empathy all the time, to respect other views, to find common ground, for results for the American people. Where we can’t [find common ground], [we should] stand our ground until we get the best possible result.”

“When people ask me, ‘What are the three most important issues facing Congress?’ I always say the same thing: ‘Our children, our children, our children.’ Their health; their education; the economic security of their families; a clean, safe place for them to grow and thrive; [a] world of peace in which they can reach their fulfillment,” Pelosi said.

“We have this beautifully diverse caucus. Sixty percent of our caucus are women, people of color, [and/or] LGBTQ,” Pelosi added. “We just want a mix of opinion. Our diversity is our strength. Our unity is our power. As we go into this election, we must be united for the children.”

While addressing the current state of affairs in the White House, Pelosi begged the question: ‘What is America?’ “The current resident of the White House [President Donald Trump] says that Article II [of the United States Constitution states] he can do whatever he wants. It doesn’t. That would be a monarchy. We are not a monarchy. We are a republic,” Pelosi said.

Trone will be running for re-election in 2020 and hopes to appeal to young voters. “[High school seniors should vote for me] because the issues we’re focused on are about compassion [and] helping folks that need some assistance; folks that are suffering from addiction and opioids; folks that are suffering from mental illness, mental health issues; folks that are turning citizens,[and those] that have been hit with the unjust criminal justice system,” Trone said.

“We’re trying to stand for those without a voice and we need all young folks to come out and vote… it starts when our seniors get out. They can help us [and] inform us of the important issues that face them,” Trone added.

“You know what our values are and so does David Trone as he represents you in Congress,” Pelosi said. “David is a champion on the Education and Workforce Committee in that regard. [Trone] is a champion on the Foreign Affairs Committee as he promotes our values throughout the world. He’s a champion on the Joint Economic Committee as he fights for fairness in our economy.”

“We have a champion in Congress,” Pelosi added. “[Trone has] been a champion to protect and defend our Constitution, to respect our beautiful diversity of America, to protect God’s gift to us, our beautiful environment, and to promote our values.”

This story was originally published on The Current on November 25, 2019.