Trio of CHS Juniors Takes Shot With Retail Company


Lauren Heller

(from left to right) CHS juniors Hunter Marsh, Jayden Burnett, and Chase Aldous (far right) model their new “One Wish” T-shirt with former classmate Trinity Klock (second from right).

By Joe Laffman, Clarksburg High School

CHS juniors Chase Aldous, Jayden Burnett, and Hunter Marsh recently released their very own clothing brand called One Wish on Sunday, Nov. 17. in hopes of growing and becoming a popular nationwide clothing provider.

Aldous and his friends recently came up with their brand after being inspired by art teacher Todd Sprites. Sprites helped the students get a jump start on their brand in hopes of them becoming successful.

Burnett said, “Mr. Sprites was telling us about him and his wife’s clothing brand and helped us start our own.” One wish is a clothing brand that currently only sells shirts. The shirts sold out within hours of being released. Each shirt is $20 and the students make them themselves.

Aldous said, “We exceeded our expectations for the number of shirts we would sell on our first drop.” 

The brand received an enormous amount of support, with hundreds of people reposting it on their social media to help spread the brand. Aldous later mentioned that the trio is mainly using social media and word of mouth to grow their company.

CHS junior Kyle D’Attilio bought the first shirt from One Wish. He said that the shirt has a nice comfortable material, and he feels that the clothing is a cool look. D’Attilio loves his shirt and is “interested to see what their next style will be.” 

D’Attilio is just one of the 40 or so customers that jumped at the opportunity to buy a shirt upon the first release.

Aldous, Burnett, and Marsh have received a lot of support from CHS teachers in addition to Sprites. 

Economics teacher Kyle Landefeld mentioned that he thinks it is “a phenomenal idea and a lot of millionaires start young.” 

Sprites said that “it will be successful and they seem to be doing well with it.” 

He also made a point that the outcome of the brand will rely on their work ethic if they want to be successful. Sprites said that it “depends how much anyone is dedicated to their dreams and what they are doing for it to succeed.”

Aldous, Burnett, and Marsh have made strong steps on their way to becoming a very popular brand. They have started out small by selling it to their peers, but hope to eventually become a big name brand and skyrocket to the top of the clothing industry.

This story was originally published on The Clarksburg Howl on December 2, 2019.