Sisters unite volleyball team


Hartley Hill

Huddled with the volleyball team, sophomore Lily Frierson and senior Birdie Frierson listen to their coach at a time-out at the Alonso game Sept. 12 in the gym. The sisters began playing volleyball after watching their two older sisters enjoy the sport, too.

By Hartley Hill, H.B. Plant High School

The girls volleyball team takes the court as the reigning 8A state runner-up, but that is not the only reason they are a force to be reckoned with. Not one but two pairs of sisters build this team to their greatest potential. Lily and Birdie Frierson and Macy and Adele Cassidy have shared the sport all their lives.

“Honestly, it’s the best because if I am ever in a bad mood or I’m not doing well, she knows exactly what to say to make me feel better,” sophomore Lily said. “We always help each other with shots and make each other better and we just know how to communicate and play next to each other.”

For the Friersons, although they have only been on the same school team for two years, Lily and senior Birdie have been playing at the same club since elementary school. Their two older sisters, Emma and Ellie also played volleyball through high school, so Lily and Birdie followed in their footsteps, beginning their volleyball careers at a program at Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church.

“Both of my older sisters played as well and were totally different players so they can provide Lily and I examples of different types of players we can look up to and learn from,” Birdie said. “They were both really strong mentally and very talented, so we are able to learn a lot.”

Ever since, Lily and Birdie have carried on the Frierson volleyball legacy. The two sisters finally took the same court last year at Plant, with Lily as back row and Birdie as a hitter.

“My favorite thing about getting to play with Lily is that it makes me feel like we’re just best friends and not even sisters sometimes,” Birdie said. “Like I’m lucky enough to have my best friend on the court with me and then also live in the same house.”

For the Cassidys, sophomore Macy and senior Adele have been playing volleyball together ever since middle school. As of right now, Macy is a hitter and captain of the JV team and Adele plays back row on varsity.

“It’s cool because we’re different grades and stuff and we can’t play club together, so it’s nice we get to have this together,” Adele said. “I think because she’s my sister she knows me better than most people, so she knows how to push me and same with me to her.”

Macy and Adele will share the same court once again at the upcoming Nike Tournament of Champions in which the top 25 teams in the nation will be playing Oct. 4-5 in Phoenix, Arizona.

“My favorite part about playing the same sport as my sister is following in her footsteps,” sophomore Macy Cassidy said. “She is my role model and the person I look up to. Volleyball has made my family all closer by all of us taking part in it because my mom did also.”

Not only would Plant Volleyball be different without the strength of sisterhood, but the Frierson and Cassidy families would also not be the same without the sport.

“My family would lose a crucial thing that makes us who we are,” Birdie said. “Everyone loves it and it’s kind of takes over our lives in a good way. Travel gives us vacations and stuff so we really would be so much less cool.”

This story was originally published on The Pep O’ Plant on September 26, 2019.