Doja Cat will make your fantasies come true with ‘Hot Pink’.


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The cover of Doja Cat's second studio album, 'Hot Pink'.

By Mason Montano, Pinole Valley

American rapper and singer Doja Cat is known for her cute and campy concepts. Initially emerging in 2013 as an independent artist, she released her debut single, “So High”, on SoundCloud before signing to RCA Records in early 2014 and releasing her debut EP, Purrr!, in August. Her debut album, Amala, followed in March 2018 and spawned the moderately successful single “Go to Town”.

Even though she was gaining more and more mainstream attention by the minute, Cat continued to post novelty tracks and homemade demos on her SoundCloud page, and in August 2018, she released “MOOO!”, an absurd song in which she fantasizes about being a cow. Intended to be nothing more than an internet meme, the song went viral on YouTube and launched Doja Cat into permanent stardom.

In early November, she released her second studio album, Hot Pink. A more cohesive effort in comparison to Amala, Hot Pink demonstrates Cat’s growth as an artist with a more refined and fully-realized sound.

In an interview with FADER, she described the making of Amala as being a bit like “practicing”, as it was the first time she ever made an album, and she had still not yet found her sound. Now, with her second project, she knows exactly who she is and what she wants her music to sound like, adding that she’s “really proud” of this record.

According to Cat, the title was chosen to convey a “passionate, warm, and welcoming” feeling, which is reflected by the album’s major themes of sex, sexual intimacy, and sexual attraction. She proudly declares her sexual desires on tracks like “Cybersex” and “Talk Dirty”, taking pride in her feminine promiscuity.

This feminist sentiment is further explored by the third single, “Rules.” A bold and fearless track about female sexual dominance and chasing success, and arguably one of her best songs, Cat establishes her female prowess, asserting that nothing can keep her from getting it in and collecting her bag.

An impressive aspect of Hot Pink is the way Cat was able to blend a variety of different genres into the album while maintaining a cohesive sound. While hip-hop is still the predominant style, she adds in elements of disco with “Say So”; old-school R&B with “Like That” with American rapper Gucci Mane and “Addicted”; and trap with “Streets” to show that “one-note” simply isn’t in her vocabulary.

Doja Cat is more than just a novelty act. She’s a versatile, multi-talented star, and in my opinion, the future of female hip-hop.

This story was originally published on Spartan Ink on December 12, 2019.