Student gratitude over Georgia Tech acceptance goes viral


Naisha Roy

Georgia Tech. Doctora Green representing her Georgia Tech mug after her student got an early acceptance into the college. She always had a special place in her heart for the college.

By Dione Geiling and Naisha Roy

A wholesome teaching moment quickly snowballed into more as news sites quickly gained coverage of South Forsyth’s Doctora Green freaking out over Senior Max Pacheco’s acceptance into Georgia Tech. The latter recently got enrolled in Georgia Tech following the decisions of this year’s early action applications, and he knew who to break the news to first. Dra. Green, South Forsyth’s AP Spanish teacher, is known throughout the school as one of the most caring and kind teachers there is. She often refers to her students as “her children” and puts her heart and soul into teaching them.

Pacheco, after receiving his letter, came to Doctora’s room with yellow flowers and a candle, wanting to thank her and give her the news. When she found out, Dra. Green was extremely excited and gave Max a huge hug followed by squeals, and the video quickly became somewhat viral from Max’s twitter.

“I didn’t know why he was showing up to my door with yellow roses and a candle… I felt so happy for him, it was like my own child was going to college. I felt a lot of love for him and I love all my students dearly,” she explained.

Doctora had written Max’s recommendation letter for Tech, and the college held a special place  in her heart.

“My son is a fourth-year mechanical engineer in Georgia Tech and a Zell-Miller recipient, so my love is there too. I was very careful when recommending him because Georgia Tech only accepts the top 10… and having a student who was the top then and being able to touch his life… I’m just so proud of him, I can’t express myself,” she gushed.

Max Pacheco, who posted the viral video, explained his love for Doctora: “Dr. Green is a very special teacher. Not only is she experienced in her field of study (she has a PhD), but she is also able to connect with her students. She cares for her students both in the classroom and about their lives. She wants to make sure her students succeed beyond the classroom and in life.”

11 Alive News as well as AJC covered the incident and came to South, cameras and all. The video garnered lots of praise from twitter as well with almost 20,000 views from the first couple of days it was up. Green also said Good Morning America contacted her following the reaction. Neither Pacheco or Green expected it to blow up as much as it did, but are glad about the message it spreads.

“I posted [the video] to show that some students appreciate everything their teachers do for them and hopefully encourage other students to show more appreciation towards their teachers, but I’m happy that it did and hopefully some students out there will do something similar,” Pacheco explains.

Doctora Green ended her statement with the positive message she hopes to spread. “I want every teacher to love the students as if they were their own children. That’s the message I hope to spread,” she concluded.

This story was originally published on The Bird Feed on January 27, 2020.