After Hours

Night custodians help make Liberty shine for the next day

By Jayce Haun, Wentzville Liberty High School

Every day when you walk through the doors of the school in the morning, you may notice how clean the school is. This is not possible without our hard-working custodians.

From Monday through Friday, from 2:30 p.m. to 11 p.m., night custodians, Shawn Johnson and Jeff Risch are working hard in the 200 hallway, cleaning and setting up for the next school day.

Johnson and Risch are two of the 13 custodians currently working here at Liberty. Johnson has been here for six years now, and Risch has been here for five.

Johnson says that she enjoys a lot of different parts of her job. 

“I enjoy being around the students and I like how the administration treats us with such importance,” she said. “They do plenty of great things for us, such as pizza parties and giving us new tools when ours break down.” 

Junior Katie Swanson says that Liberty has a reputation for being a clean school.

“When some of my friends came to our homecoming dance, they mentioned how clean the school was,” Swanson said. “When I tell people what high school I go to, they usually say ‘that school is really, really nice.'”

This story was originally published on Liberty Ledger on January 25, 2020.