News sources withhold awareness: immature, unacceptable


Photo by Rosie Nichols

Updates are being posted via FOX news, controversially calling the fire strictly caused by humans. The Australian wildfires are currently being covered by both scientifically backed stories and articles based on belief. These differences in article key ideas is revealed in mainstream news sources, being read and taken in all over the world.

By Rosie Nichols, Stillwater Area High School

The Australian wildfires have taken over and destroyed more than 12.35 million acres of land, killing at least 24 people and destroying more than 2,000 homes. This catastrophic trend of wildfires, bushfires and any uncontrolled burn has weaved itself into mainstream media more prominently than ever. Without a doubt, social media and key online news outlets hold the majority of the public’s eye, more than any other news source.

Utilizing this attention for the support of wildfire victims or areas affected is the most efficient way to seek support. But no. A handful of news sources such as FOX and News Corp. have completely neglected this topic, surely fearful of admitting global warming is real.

Frustration with News Corp and Fox coverage began with the climate issue. Murdoch columnists have described linking the fires to climate change as ‘hysterical’ and ‘silly’. Rupert Murdoch has described himself as a climate sceptic. He denies employing climate deniers,” BBC news said.

“Critics of News Corp have pointed to its comment articles and reporting of the alleged role of arson in the wildfires as minimizing the impact of a changing climate. Murdoch-owned titles account for about 70 percent of newspaper circulation in Australia’s major cities. Last week, a News Corp employee in Australia lashed out at the company’s ‘irresponsible’ coverage of the bushfire crisis,” BBC states.

Mainstream media including television, news websites, social media and radio make up 85 percent of our nation’s news outlet of choice. To gain support for any cause, in this case the Australian wildfires, utilizing these digital news sources could be crucial for the help needed for this country. As a key news outlet, to completely avoid or criticize this seemingly uncontrollable dilemma is immature and unacceptable.

“Unfortunately, it takes a lot of insult to push folks. But the economic piece is what I think is going to be ultimately the driver for a lot of this. It’s hard to watch to see those stories roll out month after month. We can be thankful here in Minnesota, we’re somewhat insulated, but they are seeing, or we’re seeing that we have that northern coniferous biome line,” Andrew Weaver AP environmental/biology teacher and active environmentalist said.

The environmental aspect of the Australian wildfires is overwhelming. Scientists fear an immediate loss of biodiversity in Australia, because many species are endemic to the continent. In fact, a total of 480 million animal deaths have come from this fire so far, but more death is surely to come. American firefighters are currently working to get as many volunteers to Australia as possible, but it is up to big-time news sources to spread the word to the widest array of individuals looking to help any way they can. Withholding this information to those consistently checking in to news sources such as FOX could possibly prevent hundreds of volunteers from the knowledge that they can help.

The ground on which Australians walk on is being torn away and deformed. The soil from which their crops grow is being plagued by the unforgiving fire.

Weaver shares how “all the fires that tend to be super hot, super slow are catastrophic. Fire ripping over the Top of the soil leaves all the bacteria the fungus and you know the produce all those, those soil communities so they can balance help the plants  bounce back, but if you bake the soil you’re talking millions of years to have those microbes return from the peripheral edge wherever that might be.”

Big name sources such as Fox have come out saying, “The most important reason for the bushfires is poor land management practices.”

They claim the fires have nothing to do with climate change, but in fact it is is all a result of land management and individuals intentionally starting the fires. Unfortunately, this appears to be extremely incorrect according to anyone with a brain.

“We can’t just be sitting ducks in a world that is literally burning itself up. Not only should all media networks be documenting and updating, they should be acting on preventing further global warming,” junior Young Democrats member Olivia Hovland said.

News media is a source that can be easily altered or faked to appeal to the public eye. As a society, the reliability on truthfulness and honesty within news sources is being tested every day. To ensure full accuracy, choose the news sources that stray from conformation bias and stick to the real story.

This story was originally published on The Pony Express on February 24, 2020.