G.I.S.C’s Homemade Sticker Growth


Arifah Uddin

Ullah’s sticker inspiration drew heavily from the stationery and bullet journal communities.

By Sagun Shrestha, Clarksburg High School

Inspired by the growing stationery community online and in person, CHS junior Tasnim Ullah teamed up with her cousin to combine their passions for design to create their own brand of stickers by the name G.I.S.C for stationery lovers to enjoy.

“So my cousin always made really cute doodles, and I’m a huge fan of planners and stationery, so I wanted to combine both of those things. I decided to create stickers,” said Ullah.

The duo came up with the idea to sort the artwork and doodles into different collections consisting of common themes. Some such artistic categories ranged from all florals to people, to even a silhouette of a popular backpack. While her cousin created the designs, Ullah was in charge of manufacturing the stickers themselves.

“I would put them on sticker paper, package them up. I love doing that type of stuff, even though I’m not a creative person,” said Ullah. “I love putting things together and creating the packaging.”

The G.I.S.C team relies primarily on social media advertising by running an Instagram account revealing sneak peeks and announcing new collections. The pair also spreads the news of their stickers by word of mouth, appealing to other artists and stationery lovers.

Tasnim Ullah
One of G.I.S.C’s collections was of plain backpacks that had the potential to be colored in.

“Well, Tasnim was showing me, she was very good at advertising her stickers, and she was talking to everyone about them, and so I saw her stickers and I loved the art so much that I had to buy them,” said junior Asma Tariq.

Many think that it is commendable to be putting effort into becoming entrepreneurs, especially with the load of school work.

“I think it’s awesome that students would take the initiative at such a young age to be productive and creative,” said social studies teacher Brian Alspaugh. “Junior year is really tough and that must be taking a toll on students.”

Tasnim Ullah
Another collection consisted of people, which, like the others, were designed by Ullah’s cousin.

Even with the burden of the school year, the quality of G.I.S.C’s products has not deteriorated, leaving their many customers more than satisfied with their high standard stickers, even if they aren’t used as intended.

“I haven’t used any of them because I’m too scared to, so they’re still stuck on the paper, but I love them,” said Tariq. “I love them so much I told my sisters to buy them, so they bought them too. They’re really nice.”

This positive sentiment is shared by the rest of their consumers, who have used the stickers in their planners, notebooks, and bullet journals as decoration. Their far-reaching appeal even led to a business inquiry from someone in Germany.

“A lot of people who bought the stickers were really, really happy with them,” said Ullah. “It’s definitely a modern twist to an everyday item we used when we were children.”

This story was originally published on The Clarksburg Howl on February 29, 2020.