SoleBros make a difference from head to sole


Mackienzee Rasheed

SoleBros SENIOR Curtis Harrison IV (left) and SENIOR Spencer Boyd (right) getting ready to air live on the Kelly Clarkson show. These two, along with SENIORS, Kellen Newman and Breiland Anderson, started SoleBros to share the confidence they get from wearing a new pair of shoes. “SoleBros has been very humbling because I am able to give kids confidence through a pair of sneakers.” Harrison IV said.

By Mackienzee Rasheed, Walnut Hills High School

Five years ago, three eighth graders started a non-profit organization named SoleBros, one of them being former WHHS student, SENIOR Kellen Newman. Their organization gives new or gently used shoes to kids who otherwise couldn’t afford them. They started it so they could give other kids the chance to feel good about the shoes they wear.

They were just recently invited to be on The Kelly Clarkson Show to help spread recognition for their cause. While on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the boys explained what exactly SoleBros does and some of their goals.

The second SoleBro, SENIOR Spencer Boyd, from Seven Hills, said, “It was a once in a lifetime type of opportunity. I loved it. I never would’ve thought I could make national television and to do that was awesome.”

SoleBros SENIOR Breiland Anderson, from Lakota West, and Newman went to LA to be on the show with Kelly Clarkson while SoleBros SENIOR Curtis Harrion IV, from Seven Hills, and Boyd were back in Cincinnati to open a shoe drive to collect and give out shoes.

Since they have started SoleBros the organizers have done monumental things here in their own city. “SoleBros has been a gift. It has taught me so many great lessons and has given me the opportunity to see so many wonderful things and to help so many people that need it. I wouldn’t change any of it even if I could,” Boyd said.

They have done annual winter drives, annual fundraisers for people to bring donations and have a good time, and also open their shoe closet up to people that need new shoes.

“SoleBros has been a life changing experience because I’m doing something I love with people I love,” Newman said. They have continued to grow their organization to what it is today.

They aren’t just helping their own community, they have also given nine-hundred pairs of shoes to kids in Ghana and two-thousand to kids in Jamaica. The boys are trying to collect enough pairs of shoes to open three more shoe closets in the Cincinnati area.

They have made a big difference in kids’ lives and plan on continuing their plan.

This story was originally published on The Chatterbox on March 3, 2020.