Stories of the Year: 2019-2020

More than 20,000 stories were submitted to Best of SNO this year. Only 3,500 of them were selected to be published. Of them, here are 24 stories that stood out, in no particular order. 

Digging Up Dirt
The Vaping Experiment: Are We the Guinea Pigs?
Impeachment explained
Student stylists showcase entrepreneurship skills
Latin -o? -a? que?
Heavy rain and cold temperatures impact homeless residents
Nursing student walks down path of self-discovery
What Used To Be A Man’s World
“Welcome to Portland”: A Look Into the Lives of Three of Portland’s Homeless
Extended spring break is a time of knead
Pandemic prompts proliferation of puppy parents
What is COVID-19’s impact on the environment?
Troop Four: A look inside one of the first all-girl Scout troops
Shedding Light on Special Education
Wacky hall passes keep students on their toes
How Do You Choose to Remember Kobe Bryant?
Final Countdown: Friday Night
American Dirt Lacks the True Migrant Experience
Nine years in the making, senior gets his one shining moment
San Ramon housing crisis prices teachers out
Chinatown cookie company delivers good fortune for 58 years and counting
Politics meets streetwear as presidential candidate Andrew Yang comes to Fairfax
A Leader in Stars and Stripes

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