Staff and Students Make Sure Their Vote Counts


Photo Courtesy of Lisa Morgan

Human Anatomy and AVID teacher Lisa Morgan, and AP Government and Economics teacher and basketball coach, Robert Morgan, cast their vote in the Presidential Election once again.


Across the country, millions of people wait, and wait, for results of who will be the next president of the United States of America. Will it be our incumbent President Donald Trump or former Vice-President Joe Biden?

Many voters are worried while others hold on to hope, including students and staff at Godinez Fundamental High School who voted in the 2020 presidential election.

Human Anatomy and AVID adviser, Lisa Morgan, and AP Government and Economics teacher and basketball coach, Robert Morgan, who both teach at Godinez have voted in every election since they were 18.

“We feel honored to have done the necessary research to thoughtfully vote on each proposition and candidate. We hope that Godinez students will be life-long thoughtful voters,” said Lisa.

They believe that no matter what propositions pass or which candidates win, they know that they need to show up to every election.

“We continue to work towards a positive future for all of us,” added Lisa.

Senior Andrea Alonso, a first time voter, believes that regardless of who wins, the situation will not get any better.

“As a first timer voter, I feel great because I accomplished something that could help many people that can’t vote like my parents. I am the first one to vote in my family,” said Alonso.

Alonso stresses that she does not want to live in a country where people attack each other just because of one’s race. She is fearful for her dad and the future for herself and others.

“I am mostly terrified for my dad who goes to different areas of California where some people are racist. People like my dad are just trying to support their family by doing their job,” added Alonso.

Some, like senior Erika Puga, are excited to make such an impact in her community as a first time voter. She believes that with everything going on, it is important for your voice to be heard.

“There is so much going on in the world and if my voice makes a difference, then I am in,” said Puga.

She hopes she made the correct choice to keep her family protected.

“I am grateful to have an opportunity to speak for them and myself. And, it is a scary feeling not knowing what could happen with these elections, but I hope my vote makes a difference,” added Puga.

As ballots continue to be tallied in the five states of Ariz., Ga., Nev., N.C., and Penn., Americans have no other option but to continue to wait.

As the final ballots are tallied, here are just a few from the Godinez community who voted in this year’s presidential election.

This story continues on Grizzly Gazette and was originally published on November 5, 2020.